In Memoriam: Peggy

There are so many things we could say to you, but mostly we want to say: Kealeboga. Thank you Peg on behalf of all the children, needy families and Bokopano staff, founders and volunteers. Thank you for the hard work you have done for the Bokopano project. Everyone who has met you during the years is grateful for working with the beautiful human being you were.

Trudeke and Erwin Hoes met you when you worked with sister Zora and lived together with sister Fani and Elisabeth in the Ursulines sisterhouse, next to St Gabriels church. As you worked with Bokopano volunteers Daniel and Nicole, you showed that you knew every family member by heart as if you were part of all those families. And you treated all Bokopano children as if they were your own. Together with Daniel and Nicole, you started the Social Office and the home visits. And you did so, as if you never did anything else in your life.

For Bokopano Volunteers Sebastian and Riki, you became more than a colleague, you became a dear friend. You have been a personal translator, a guide, a critical advisor and steady as a rock throughout the school year. Because of you, so many children went to school every day after eating porridge. Thanks to your help, they were dressed in their brand-new uniform or track suit and came to the help class after school. And if they did not, you knew exactly how to talk to the children and their parents. After that, it was time for a cup of coffee, listening to new music, a good talk and some jokes.

After Sebastian and Riki left Botswana, you were the one who kept the project on track. You kept us informed about the great things you were doing: from organizing the Bokopano Kids event to making sure the children had a uniform, shoes and anything else they needed.

We hope that you were as proud of yourself as we are of you.

By that time, you were most informed about the work that should be done for the project. You helped Maarten and Pauline with getting familiar with their new work and their new home. You were essential in making sure they got to know their way.

Seven weeks ago, we all started to worry about your health. Maarten and Pauline took you home, so you could get some rest. That was your last day at work, which was the day you provided a workshop to our parents and children about dental hygiene together with Maarten.

Due to your absence, Maarten and Pauline noticed you were indispensable for the project. They came to visit you several times, first at the hospital and later at your house. They kept you informed about the project. Where possible, you gave them some advice and answers to their questions. You enjoyed this. You even apologized for the fact that you did not finish and send us the bookkeeping. This alone already shows how involved you were about the Bokopano project.

Dear Peggy, you were kind, honest, reliable and funny. You carried so much love for everyone involved in the Bokopano project. Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye now. We will cherish our memories of you and we will miss you incredibly.

Rest in peace.

Bokopano staff